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One of my priorities is the deep relaxation massage. Enjoy wellness and relax, while I send you on a remarkable excursion of feeling great. At the deep relaxation masage you will only be served with comfortable and relaxing techniques for a perfect wellness feeling.
Many customers feel after that massage like after a long relaxing vacation.

If you are fully booked day by day, with the deep relaxation massage you can complete regenerate and relax in a short time for being able to bring the full power again on your next day.

For the best results, directly after the deep relaxation massage you should not work or do something, what is not like relaxing or sleeping. Mostly I bring your body in a comfortable mood, what let you fall into a deep sleep. Exactly this is the aim, deepest relaxation and regeneraton.

To bring a high activity level, you need your body in a good healthy shape. Thats why I always recommend the holistic treatment to my new customers. The deep relaxation massage is a part of the holistic treatment

The deep relaxation massage is not a "stroke-massage", where the oil get only moved from one side to another.

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