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I offer a holistic treatment beyond the conventional medicine based on the principles of the traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, osteopathy, a wide range of physiotherapeutic techniques and the human anatomy. During the treatment not only the physical body but also the spiritual and emotional factors are being considered as all of them are interconnected.

The aim is to dissolve the blockades.

This enables positive changes considering headache, backache, menstrual pain and cramps, shoulder/arm pain, leg pain, internal organ pain and spinal curvature. Eyesight and tinnitus may be improved as well. Many patients who are considered untreatable/incurable by conventional medicine come to me and experience a complete different, integrative way of treatment.

To get more information, please, read my external recommendations.

The treatment:

For the first treatment you should plan one to two hours, depending on the complexity of the treatment. In the ideal situation, the second treatment should follow one week later, the third one again in one-week interval. From this point of time onwards the intervals between the treatments will probably get longer.

Each body is individual. Your body sets the pace for the treatments. From my experience, the intervals can vary from a few days to several months. In some cases no further treatment is necessary.

Once again: Every body is different and reacts to the treatment quite differently. Therefore, it is necessary to find out individually how the particular body reacts and how many treatments and what spaces of time are needed.

My treatment is soft. I never use chiropractic or similar techniques. I work neither with needles nor with medications. However, the muscular treatment might be painful.

Please, bring all the documents and data about your operations, diseases, dental treatments, etc. to your first appointment.

I advise against having my treatment, if you are treated by another therapist at the same time. It should be clear which therapy by which therapist has brought the particular results.

(I do not make a healing promise. I do not hold out the prospect of cure through my treatment nor give a guarantee for a healing.)
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