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When you are pregnant, you get the best medical care around your pregnancy by your doctor or your midwife.
Medical problems should be solved there.

I can co-operate with your doctor and your midwife and work at some points, where they do not take care.
My aim is to hold your body in the best shape as possible and to offer you careing and consulting service on the highest level..

Often is to take care of your body a secondary point only. For me it has the highest priority, of course with always taking care of your baby. A pregnancy don`t have to bring your body in an uncomfortable shape.
There are some points, the standard medical process do not take care of.

I bring everything I can and I know in to take care of your body and your baby as good as I can.

I offer a consultation to bring your body optimized through the pregnancy and to keep it in the best shape as possible. For the best results it startes directly after you know that you are pregnant with a meeting where you get informations, goes through the pregnancy with individual times of treatments and massages til the birth and ends with individual care treatments and massages to get in a good shape again.
During this time, I take care of you and try to keep problems preventive away or make them less worse.

Massage during a pregnancy is contraindikated, for shure in the first 3 month. Most people don`t give massages to pregnant women, to minimize their own risk of doing something wrong. Take only massages and treatments during your pregnancy from someone you trust and when you are shure, that he knows what he do.
A wrong massage or a wrong treatment can cause an abortion.
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